Thomas Toys Antique Toy Parts

How We Got Started

The real beginning for us was in 1964 when we purchased a 1924 Oakland touring car to restore and go touring.  While looking for parts to complete the car, we started purchasing old toys missing lots of parts.  Our intent was to find parts and restore them to put on shelves and collect.  They accumulated in untold quantities because there were no parts or parts dealers anywhere in the country.  We decided to make a few for ourselves and by 1969 we had quite a few experimental parts.  At that time we started extending our products to others.

Our goal at present, as in the past, is to produce high quality, reasonably priced parts so all toy collectors can afford to search out old broken toys, repair them and build an appreciable collection.  Most parts are ready to install but some may require slight alterations to fit your toy.  

This site is dedicated to all toy collectors who scour all corners of the earth, from dusty attics to damp cellars, to ferret out all those broken and damaged toys, with the intent to restore and bring back to life those old and beautiful things.  To the husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girl friends, who, without their patience and understanding, there would not be much toy collecting.  Keep on hunting and we'll keep on making the parts.  Thank-you.  

                                                                             Julian Thomas
                                                                             Thomas Toys, Inc.